Chimney Repairs in Wimbledon

A chimney conducts combustion gases and smoke from the building via the roof. Being exposed and vulnerable to extreme weather conditions, it can sustain damages and may require proper inspections and repairs to maintain its structural integrity.

Untreated chimney faults can lead to extensive health and safety concerns. If they are neglected for a longer period, they may grow in nature and require extensive repairs or replacements. However, it is not advised to deal with these faults alone; instead, you should hire a professional chimney company to do this work for you.

With a skilled team, Surrey Roofing Specialists offer a comprehensive range of services, from chimney installation to chimney repairs in Wimbledon. Having vast experience, proficiency and trustworthiness as a service provider, we are highly appreciated by our clients.

Advantages of Chimney Repairs

Chimney repairs allow you the following benefits:

  • Make your home safer for you and your family by preventing the potential dangers of chimney damage.
  • Prevent moisture leakage in your home, resolving the issue of dampness, humidity, and mould growth.
  • Improve your home’s aesthetics by repairing the damaged and old chimney.

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Signs Your Chimney Requires Repairing

Some of these common signs indicate repairing requirements for your chimney:

If you notice any of these signs, you can contact our chimney contractors to deal with these issues efficiently, restoring your chimney’s original condition.

Types of Chimney Repairs

A chimney repair involves identifying the issue to resolve it; our tradesmen are highly skilled in dealing with different kinds of chimney problems, such as:

Chimney Stack Repairs

We provide chimney stack repair services to deal with the natural eroding of pointing and prevent the breaking issue of joints between the bricks and stones.

Chimney Flashing Repairs

Our professionals can effectively deal with damaged or weakened flashing with chimney flashing repair to prevent moisture and water leaks in your chimney. It will also save your chimney stack and other areas of the chimney.

Chimney Leak Repairs

Depending on the cause of a leak, we devise an appropriate method for chimney leak repair, such as repairing or replacing the flashing, damaged bricks, mortar, etc.

Mortar and Joint Repairs

If your chimney has damaged bricks or mortar, we can help you with our chimney mortar joint repairs to replace the damaged components.

Chimney Crown Repair

Our team can efficiently deal with the cracks present in your chimney. Our cracked chimney crown repair service includes using a sealant to fill minor cracks and patching cement or silicone caulk in larger cracks to secure the crown.

Chimney Installation and Replacement

We are also offering chimney installations for newly constructed houses, and chimney replacements if chimney has suffered extensive damage or erosion due to weather or any other factor.

Chimney Repairs in Wimbledon
Chimney Repairs in Wimbledon

Get Your Chimney Repaired by Us

We offer efficient and quick chimney repair services for minimising disruptions in your and your family members’ lives. Our chimney specialists in Wimbledon ensure the delivery of high-standard work with:

24-hour Emergency Service
Fully Insured Work
Reliable and Professional Services


The crown is a small cement structure placed at the top of the chimney, which helps prevent the birds, debris, rain, and snow from entering the stack. Cracks may occur on the crown over time due to ice formation and shrinkage, causing the crown to split.

Common chimney repair services include flaunching, lead flashing work, pot repair and replacement, rebuilding, relining, rendering, repointing, and installing bird guards, cowls, and pots.

Older chimneys are prone to wear and tear and storm damage, leading to mortar erosion and crumbling. It makes the stack unsafe without regular maintenance; therefore, it is suggested to carry out chimney inspections every five years.

Depending on the roof size and condition, chimney repair costs differ:

  • Chimney repointing (£400 to £1200).
  • Extensive wood rot repairs (£2,500 to £4,000)
  • Spalling repair (£1,000 to £3,000)
  • Chimney flue repair (£275 to £1,000)
  • Crown or chimney cap repair (£150 to £385)
  • Leaning stack repair (£1,250 to £4,000)
Whether you want a repair service or installation, get in touch with our experts to discuss your roofing project.

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