Roofing Services in Richmond

Roofing protects your home’s internal space from harsh environmental conditions, providing a safe place to live without external disruptions. Therefore, it is crucial to maintain its optimum condition so that it can remain securely intact.

It is recommended to hire professional roofing services so that problems can be diagnosed and required repairs can be done timely. Moreover, you can get expert advice from the roofing specialists regarding the repairs or replacement depending on the roofing’s condition.

Surrey Roofing Specialists provide roofing services in Richmond. We cover all kinds of roofing-related works, regardless of the type of roofing, such as flat, hipped, gabled, or pitched structures. Visiting your property, we assess the roofing condition and record your requirements to suggest the most suitable solution.

Common Roofing Problems

As your roofing gets old and is subjected to varying weather conditions, it requires regular repairs to ensure proper maintenance. Some common issues your roofing system might encounter include:

  • Chimney stacks become loose over time, and cracks develop over the surface due to continuous exposure to outside conditions, requiring re-pointing.
  • Slipped tiles can impact the internal roof’s structure.
  • Flashings can deteriorate with time due to seasonal temperature fluctuations and rusting.
  • Guttering structures get damaged due to cracks that cause leaks in the roofing structure or debris accumulation, which can block the drainage pathway.

Services We Offer

Surrey Roofing Specialists are providing a vast array of commercial and domestic roofing services along with a complete package of repair, installation, replacement and maintenance for all of our services.




Moss Removal

Ridged Tiles

Roof Lights

Rubber Roofing

Slate Roof

Felt Roofing

Pitched Roofing

Balcony Roofing

Cure-It Fibreglass

Cure-It Fibreglass

GRP Fibreglass

GRP Fibreglass

Concrete Slate

EPDM Rubber Roofing

Metal Roofing Systems

Single-Ply Membranes

Tiled Roofing Systems

Torch-On Felt

Liquid Plastic Roofing

Composite Synthetic Slate

Warm Roof Construction

Check a Trade
City Guilds
Cure It

Our Services

Roof Repair

We provide roof repair services to efficiently resolve minor and major problems, restoring the roof’s original condition. Our roofing specialists in Richmond have wide-ranging experience in slating, tiling, and other repair works.

Roofing Installation

We offer expert roofing installation services using the best quality, great-looking, and long-lasting durable materials. Our roofers implement expert techniques and methods to provide premium roofing solutions. This way, we help you transform your property’s look with added value according to your preferences.

Gutter and Fascia Replacement

Defective gutters cause the problem of dripping water, which dampens the property’s roof and walls. Our local roofing contractors undertake the necessary repairs to make gutters work appropriately to drain the water from the roof efficiently. Moreover, we transform your roofline by repairing or replacing the damaged fascia to improve the overall property’s look.

Emergency Roofing Services

Your roofing can encounter issues at unpredictable times, for which we provide emergency roofing services in Richmond. We provide emergency services for leaking or sagging roofing, broken tiles, and other splits or cracks.

Surrey Roofing Specialists – Your Trusted Partners

We are a professional roofing company, delivering high-quality services with keen attention to details. Our specialists emphatically focus on customer satisfaction, which sets us apart. Fulfilling high standards in work quality, we have developed an unrivalled reputation in the market.

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The average cost of hiring a roofer in Richmond varies between £18 and £25 per hour, depending on work type.

You can find professional roofing contractors by considering the following factors:

  • Reviews and Ratings
  • Customer References
  • Experience
  • Qualifications and Accreditations
  • Insurance Certificates
  • Payment Terms
  • Training

The duration of roofing installation depends on the following factors:

  • Property Size
  • Roof Shape
  • Work Complexity

For an average house, roofing installation requires almost 3 or 4 days.

A licensed roofing company is highly dedicated to their work and completes the projects by following professional standards. They have all the required equipment and tools to ensure that all the work is completed safely and securely. Moreover, their experts understand relevant Building Regulations and planning permission approvals.

We offer professional roofing services, ensuring to install suitable quality roofing materials on your property.

Whether you want a repair service or installation, get in touch with our experts to discuss your roofing project.

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