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Roofing is the most important component of your property, offering you protection from climatic conditions and adding a unique aesthetic value to the exterior. Whether you have a residential or commercial property and you are looking for roofing solutions, choosing a suitable roof material is highly crucial.

We are your local roofing contractors, and we are here to help you choose the right roofing for you and provide flawless roofing installation services. Whether you have a sloping or flat roof or want metal roofing or shingles, you can count on our experts. We will ensure that your roofing enhances the aesthetics of your property and provides you with lifetime protection. Contact us to book our roofing contractors in Surbiton, or call us to learn more.

Tailored Roofing Services for Your Property

When it comes to selecting the roofing for your property, you have several choices. These include metal, EPDM, clay fibreglass, concrete tiles, asphalt shingles, and many more. The roofing choice depends on several factors, including your roof shape, budget, and climatic conditions. Don’t worry if you are confused among several alternatives; our experts are here to help you with that.

With considerable experience in roofing, our specialists will guide you towards selecting the best roofing material based on your conditions. We ensure flawless roofing installation that will last a lifetime.

Services We Offer

Surrey Roofing Specialists are providing a vast array of commercial and domestic roofing services along with a complete package of repair, installation, replacement and maintenance for all of our services.




Moss Removal

Ridged Tiles

Roof Lights

Rubber Roofing

Slate Roof

Felt Roofing

Pitched Roofing

Balcony Roofing

Cure-It Fibreglass

Cure-It Fibreglass

GRP Fibreglass

GRP Fibreglass

Concrete Slate

EPDM Rubber Roofing

Metal Roofing Systems

Single-Ply Membranes

Tiled Roofing Systems

Torch-On Felt

Liquid Plastic Roofing

Composite Synthetic Slate

Warm Roof Construction

Roofing Materials and Their Features

Tiled Roofing:

Concrete or clay tiles are often used in the United Kingdom for roofing. The former are relatively more expensive than the latter and offer a more aesthetic appearance. These are long-lasting and resistant to weather. Tiles can be used for both pitched and flat roofs.

Asphalt Shingles:

They are typically used for pitched roofs and are highly affordable. They are popular in the residential sector and are available in various colours.


Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer is a type of rubber and a popular roofing choice for properties with flat roofs. Highly resistant to climatic conditions, EPDM is waterproof and long-lasting.

Tiled RooMetal Roofing:

Zinc, aluminium, or steel are often used for manufacturing metal roofs. They are used in both domestic and commercial settings. They are energy-efficient and durable and are typically used for pitched roofs.

Emergency Roofing Services

If you are in need of urgent installations, replacements, or roofing repairs, you can rely on our services, which are available 24/7. We provide roofing services in Surbiton around the clock and at highly competitive rates. Expect quick and reliable services when you hire our specialists.

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Visible damage, signs of wear & tear, ceiling stains, mould, and leakage are all signs that your roofing needs repairs or replacement. Our experts can assess the current condition of your roofing and provide recommendations accordingly.

Depending on the material and your climatic conditions, the life of a roofing can vary. Good quality roofing should ideally last for decades if a suitable material is used and the roof is installed by professionals.

Clay tiles and slate can last 100 years, metal roofs can have a life of 50 years, and asphalt shingles may last up to 30 years.

Professional and periodic maintenance of your roofing can enhance its life. Call our experts to keep your roofing in optimum condition.

Whether you want a repair service or installation, get in touch with our experts to discuss your roofing project.

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