Grp Roofing in Guildford

If you want a flat roof that lasts a lifetime and protects you from the weather without dripping, and you want it at a highly affordable price, then a GRP roofing system is what you are looking for. GRP stands for Glass Reinforced Plastic, one of the most popular roofing materials, especially for flat or low-pitched roofs. The material is waterproof and protects your property from water contamination.

We have been serving all major regions of the United Kingdom, including Guildford, to the complete satisfaction of our customers for years. Our GRP roofings are known for their durability and longevity. Get in touch with us for the most competitive prices and the most reliable GRP roofing in Guildford.

New GRP Roof Installation

Whether you intend to change your roofing because you are not satisfied with the existing type, or it is damaged, or you want a GRP roofing installation in Guildford for your newly built home, you can count on our experts. From accurately measuring and designing your roof to complete installation, we take care of every aspect of the project. From deck preparation to resin application, from installing trims and edges to the topcoat application, every step is carried out meticulously by our specialists.

Installation Process

GRP Roof Maintenance Services

GRP is a hardy material with incredible properties. It is waterproof, UV resistant, and has incredible weather resistance. If you care for your GRP roof regularly, you can enhance its lifespan. With our professional maintenance services, you can ensure that your GRP roofing is always in the best condition.

Our GRP roofing specialists in Guildford offer periodic maintenance services to keep a check on your roofing. They will inspect, perform cleaning and maintenance, recommend repairs if needed, and carry out the repairs for you.

Services We Offer

Surrey Roofing Specialists are providing a vast array of commercial and domestic roofing services along with a complete package of repair, installation, replacement and maintenance for all of our services.




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GRP Roofing Repair Services

Whether you have leaks, cracks or blisters, our specialists can eliminate them for you. They can provide recoating services, structural repairs, flashing repairs, and address any damage caused by extreme weather. Our experts can serve you around the clock and resolve emergency issues. Some of the repair services we provide include:

  • Emergency repairs
  • Leak repairs
  • Structural damage repairs
  • Flashing repairs
  • Removal of mould and mildew
  • Sealant problems
  • Joint repairs
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What Are the Benefits of GRP Roofing?

  • GRP roofing offers incredible resistance to water and, therefore, prevents water contamination, leakages, and water damage.
  • It is famous for its longevity and has a lifespan that spreads over decades.
  • It requires little maintenance.
  • A seamless installation can be easily achieved, giving your roof a highly aesthetic look.
  • It is resistant to radiation and other climatic challenges.
  • You can customise it according to your preferences.

Why Choose Us?

  • Long-lasting GRP roofing manufactured from premium quality raw materials.
  • Qualified and experienced team of specialists who can design and install bespoke GRP roofings according to your preferences.
  • Regular maintenance services to inspect your roof and keep it in an immaculate condition always.
  • Emergency repair services available to serve you in time of your need.
  • Highly competitive prices to ensure maximum affordability for our clients.


A well-installed roof, protected with high-quality glass-reinforced plastic in Guildford can last over three decades with little but regular maintenance. Keep your roof clean and get it inspected periodically by our experts to enhance its lifespan.

GRP roofing is not typically used for pitched roofs. It is more appropriate for flat roofs. It gives a unique aesthetic and pleasing appearance to flat roofs.

Using pressure washer to clean GRP roofing can harm the roofing. Therefore, care must be taken while cleaning with a pressure washer.

The cost of your roof depends on the roof’s area and structure. Cost may also vary depending on the preparatory work needed for installing your roof.

Whether you want a repair service or installation, get in touch with our experts to discuss your roofing project.

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